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BlueHair Media produces video and digital content such as documentaries and photographs. BlueHair Media is the content producing entity of its parent company, Photograhic.TV Inc. Photograhic.TV, Inc. is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. More about what we do and what we've done can be found at both our two websites...

We're also always excited to hear what you think. If you've got any comments or suggestions and you're willing to share... please send us a message, make a comment or post a photo caption. Thank you for your interest in our work!

Please also visit the BlueHair Media YouTube Channel.

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Thanks, Cory and BlueHair Media for excellent customer service! I'm computer & technology "challenged" so thanks for taking time to walk me through the process of downloading pics! If it weren't for the special assistance, I would have given up getting the pics on my own. Now I have fabulous memories at my fingertips! Thanks again for all your help!
WOW! Really love your work! What an artist you are.....FANTASTIC!
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